We are moving the welcome event to The Flying Squirrel Bar. If you have a TenGIG wristband drinks will be on us from 8-10p on Friday Oct. 6th!!


Panels @ Edney Innovation Center

  • Women In Gaming Women make up 46% of gamers across the globe, and yet they are hard to find at the highest levels of competitive gaming. Let's discuss the challenges and threats that women face in eSports, and the work that people are doing to fight for gender equality within the industry.
  • 10GB: Growing Culture & Industry in Chattanooga A discussion on Chattanooga's 10GB internet and the opportunities it creates for the city for growing entrepreneurship and culture.
  • Going Mainstream Over the past 14 years, eSports has grown into a $892 million market. But despite how big eSports may seem, it is still a very big niche. Let's discuss what the industry needs to go mainstream: bigger audiences, bigger brands, and more.


THE FINALS & PUBG Open Play continues!